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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Treatment of 401(k) Plans When . . . Men Join Sororities (?)

[SPOILER ALERT, for those of you who may see the movie Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, the below reveals an important scene]

The critical question of what happens to 401(k) accounts when men join sororities is addressed by Seth Rogen's movie Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising‎.  In a key scene from the movie, when Zac Efron's ‎Terry is told by Chloë Grace Moretz‎'s Shelby that he's getting thrown out of the sorority (lonnnng story), we get the following exchange -

Shelby: We just voted.  And we decided it's best for you if you go.

Terry: When‎?

Shelby: Just now.  With our phones.

Terry: What - no?  No-  you can't do this to me.  I thought we were sisters. ‎We were supposed to be a team‎.  Why is this happening?  You can't do this to me.

Shelby: I, uh . . .

Terry: I quit my job!

Shelby: Well, we didn't tell you to do that.

Terry: I liquidated ["liquidated" - wow!!] my 401(k) for this.

Shelby: What's a 401(k)?

Terry: I don't know - now‎.[*]


* And then, by the way, they went on to address the arguably related aging-workforce issue, as follows -

Shelby: Look, I'm so happy that you helped us get this place that we're in.  You let really let us spread our wings and fly ‎as women.

Terry: This is all I have. I thought we were in this together.

Shelby: You're not like us, dude. You're an old person‎.

(By the way, Efron's about 29-years old.  Argh.  Shades of Dee Wallace's "old" 31ish Mary Lewis from the Bo Derek/Dudley Moore movie 10.)

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