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Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Going in Style" with Pension-Centric Movies (Part III)

I have posted here and here about movies that are, unbeknownst to many, quite ERISA-centric.  Maybe the best (or at least most interesting) example is Wall Street, which is essentially a pension-reversion  movie.

Now, with the Arkin/Caine/Freeman remake (or "reboot," or whatever) of the Burns/Carney/Strasberg movie Going in Style we clearly have another example of ERISA-centric cinema.  The movie isn't yet out, but already we have a commercial starting with, "the pension fund is being dissolved," and trailers that contain the statements that, "Zentex [sp?] Steel has frozen all pension payments," and that, "Williamsburg Savings will manage the liquidation of the fund."  From there, the plot (and I don't think is a spoiler, given the marketing campaign) seems to center around some combination of vengeance and necessity revolving at least in part around the failed pension plan.

It's no Wall Street, I strongly suspect, but it's a pretty high-powered release with what seems to be much ERISAspeak.  I guess that, at some point, I really do need to see it.*

* For the record, back in the day, I DID see the original.

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