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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Apple AirPods, Lil Buck, Marian Hill and . . . Pensions

So I'm noticing that the initial scene in a particular segment of Apple's major AirPod ad campaign - the one with the dancing of Lil Buck (Charles Riley) to Marian Hill's "Down" - features the word "PENSION" clearly emblazoned on a street-facing building wall in Mexico City.  I then get all kinds of excited (sorry!) that pensions had inserted themselves itself into yet another iconic setting in the World of Pop Culture.  But, no - it turns out that a "pension" is a term typically used in continental Europe and elsewhere for a type of guest house or boarding house‎, as in, for example, "Pension Las Brisas Marbella".  Ya learn somethin' new every day . . .  

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