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Saturday, December 18, 2021

Some "Cause" for Checking Out a New "Urban" Legend

Well, THIS didn't go well, did it?  Another high-profile for-cause termination now hits the world of sports and entertainment.  

Not surprisingly, the Jags are reportedly going to try to characterize Urban Meyer's termination as being one for cause.  Yet again the importance of the manner in which the definition of cause in an employment contract comes to the fore.  (The Sheen and Weinstein debacles come to mind.)

I'm guessing this will be a mixed bag factually, held up to a carefully drafted pro-employee definition of cause.  And I'm guessing further that, ambiguities and uncertainty being what they are, the case (once brought), will settle in the 35%-to-65% range.  

Gotta be careful about those post-loss bar visits featuring on-camera socializing with female patrons, a habit of kicking players on your team, etc. 


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