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Saturday, July 2, 2022

SNL's Hobson's Choice - 401(k) Contributions or Scratch-Off Lottery Tickets

I happened to find my way to an old Saturday Night Live bit, and was surprised to see my practice area find a way to wheedle its way in.  Leave it to SNL to address in a resonant way the conundrum involving the advisability of making 401(k) contributions and the reality of needing current cash.  While my own view is that you should beg and borrow to increase your 401(k) contributions, here's another view, courtesy of SNL's utterly hilarious Black Jeopardy

Sasheer Zamata's Keeley: [L]et’s stay with "You Better" for $400.

Kenan Thompson's Darnell Hayes: Okay, the answer, your job wants to take $40 a month out of your check for a 401(k).  [buzzer]  Shanice.

Leslie Jones' Shanice: What is, "You better give me that money so I can buy me some scratch offs"?

Darnell: Yeah, you d**n right.  You d**m right.  I mean, why do I need a retirement plan when I got Monopoly Millionaire’s club?

Tom Hanks' Doug: Yeah, I play that every week.

Darnell: Well, that’s good for you. . . . 

I found myself laughing out loud throughout the skit at various points, but I would really commend you to watch the interplay between Thompson and Hanks when Darnell goes to shake Doug's hand.  (Hopefully, the PC police will allow me to point some of this stuff out.)  Anyway, enjoy . . . 

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