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Friday, December 10, 2021

Can I See the Baroness von Hellman's Form of Employment Contract?

So "Cruella" with Emma Stone is certainly an unexpected joy.* To those who say it's the distaff counterpart to "Joker" I say - good point.**

As an added bonus for me, the movie gives us an interesting take on the drafting of employment contracts. In one scene, Estella (as known at that moment) is toiling away playing with fashion designs in the alley at lunchtime, when her boss, Emma Thompson's the Baroness von Hellman,*** takes her to task for not staying focused on projects for the Baroness. 

We then get some insight into the broad scope of the Baroness's employment contracts - 

the Baroness: Oh Estella. I am surprised, Estella - I am surprised at you holding out on me.

Estella: But I was on my lunch break in a public space.

the Baroness: Yes, I own the alley.

Estella: Really? You can own alleys?

the Baroness: Alleys, designs, people, their souls. Check your employment contract.

Can someone please send me the form of contract so I can use it as precedent? Please? Pretty please? Thank you. 

And - Happy Holidays!

* Just saw it thanks to . . . Redbox. Thats right, call me old. Hey, I have Live!y's new Jitterbug Flip2 phone, too (after seeing it in (that's right, you guessed it) Parade magazine). Old old old old old.

** They both even use "Smile" as a key song. 

*** Has Emma Thompson ever been less than spectacular?

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