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Sunday, September 3, 2023

Welcome to My ERISA Nightmare - Alice Cooper, HR Manager

While minding my own business, I was treated to a clip pushed out to me by Google that really resonated with me - Alice Cooper on Johnny Carson with a snake that was crawling all over Johnny.  Others may have noticed the utterly nonplussed way in which he handled Alice's snake (and, in all fairness, I did, too).  

But I noticed something else. That's right, the ERISA angle.  

Johnny read from Alice's casting call for the snake, and got to the following line: "Employee benefits include a liberal pension arrangement, free hospitalization, profit sharing, Christmas bonuses and an occasional human sacrifice if you are the right reptile."  It was so satisfying to learn that Alice, one of the true greats, is so focused on employee benefits.   

P.S.: For anyone who's amazed by the internet's knowledge of what we want to see, hear, etc., take a look at Black Mirror's Joan is Awful.

P.P.S.: Speaking of Alice Cooper, I've been trolling around digging into all things Steve Hunter and Dick Wagner.  It started when recently I wanted better to understand the magic behind Lou Reed's live Intro to Sweet Jane.  That led me to those two.  Then that foray took me to the Alice Cooper connection for Messrs. Hunter and Wagner.  Most recently, I've learned that these virtuosos - not Joe Perry - are the magicians playing guitar on Train Keep a Rollin' (a ditty about which I've previously posted).  Wow.  (One can find out a whole bunch of things on the internet.  My oh my, what did we do before Google?)

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