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Sunday, May 28, 2023

A Grab-Bag of Recent References - Guardians, Jeopardy, and Pearls/Swine

So I've come across three ERISA-flavored references in various media over the last several weeks, as follows;

- First, we have what to others may be a throwaway line in the extremely fun (and MUCH more fun than it has any right to be) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, but which to me was an experience enhancer.  When Our Heroes were trapped {soft SPOILER ALERT - no really big deal, but if you don't want to know ANYthing then stop reading now] trying to infiltrate Orgocorp, one of the sentries holding a clipboard said, "And I appreciate your generous contribution to the Orgosentry retirement fund."  Not sure ERISA really applies to the Orgosentry fund, but - close enough.*

- Then we have a 401(k) reference during the recent Jeopardy Masters tournament.  ERISA has made its way onto Jeopardy before (see, e.g,, this prior post), but it was nice to see a reference in the Masters tournament.  A bit tough to take, though, that a Canadian, Mattea Roach (oooh - tough loss in the finals), got the answer (question?) right.

- And bringing up the rear is a Pearls Before Swine strip that has a besieged Economics professor wistfully stating that he "should retire and live in a van" (shades of Matt Foley?), and being met with the rejoinder from another that, "Hey, that's MY retirement plan."  Funny.

That's it.  I've come across the foregoing, and now so have you.  Happy Memorial Day weekend..

* I'm going to put James Gunn up there with the likes of John Hughes as among the best pop-culture screenwriters I've ever seen. Note that he's the Dawn of the Dead (remake) guy.

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