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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

An American Without Disabilities "Act" - Kodi Lee (no Joke(r))

OK, so let's dispense with and dispel all notions of what a "disability" is in the world as we know it.  I don't know what the ADA would or wouldn't say about Kodi Lee, but I will tell you this: I think that arguably the most amazing thing I've ever seen in the world of entertainment could be Kodi's America's Got Talent audition.  If you're not crying, something may be wrong with you.

What makes it THE most amazing thing ever is that an autistic guy who's legally blind could do this.  But let's not lose sight of how incredibly perfect the audition is, completely putting aside Kodi's challenges.‎  And have you seen his other stuff?  For example, check out this compilation, this incredible performance and this rockin' show. Are you kidding?!?

Where does it go from here?  What does he play on AGT?‎  I'd love to see All By Myself (with its classical interlude (!)), anything from Deep Purple (the vocals and keyboards seem right to me), anything from Elton John (duh) and Piano Man (duh, redux).  It's a Cheesecake Factory problem, though - since the kid can play ANYthing, what the heck do you select.  I guess I'll just have to wait and see what twists and turns my newest obsession takes.

And, speaking of the best things ever, have you seen the trailer for Joaquin Phoenix's Joker?  Honestly, it's maybe the best trailer I've ever seen in my life.  (Maybe I'm just in an over-the-top mode, because I think the first "live action" Lion King trailer may be the second best.)  Anyone who knows me knows that I think that Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight is the best performance in the history of movies.  Could it be that Joaquin's Joker will somehow avoid suffering by comparison?  I guess we shall see . . .

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