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Monday, January 23, 2017

Is Elizabeth Warren Breaking Bad?

Here's something I noticed, somehow without making the connection that it cries out for a mention here.  Thanks to my friend Jeff S. for dutifully tweaking me to post on it.  Recently, Sen. Elizabeth Warren sent 33 letters to various recipients regarding the future of the DOL's new fiduciary rule.  The top letter in the pile is addressed to non other than [cue grand orchestral music] Walter White.  Now I'm guessing that some would contend that this is other than the Walter White we all got to know and love in Breaking Bad, but, then again, who knows?  (For those killjoys among you, I get it that the remaining part of the address block runs against my surmise.)  I wonder if she's retaining Saul (or Jimmy, or whatever his name presently is) as counsel to assist her in her efforts . . .

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