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Monday, January 30, 2017

Advising in Favor of Sebastian Maniscalco

I've been posting about my view that, with a Republican victory, both Obamacare and the fiduciary  "investment advice" rules would see their imminent demise.  While it still looks like there's very little doubt in the case of Obamacare, I am starting to wonder just a little bit about whether current events on the national stage will distract the administration away from waylaying the fiduciary rule.  Clearly, to me, if the rule makes it to April 10 applicability, it's prospects for ultimate survival increase geometrically.  We shall see . . .

Moving along to lighter fare, I want to get another prediction out there, this time about a comedian we've seen several times, even if only on his Showtime specials.  Before he's done, Sebastian Maniscalco may wind up being included in lists of the all-time greats.  I know that's a high bar, but this guy may be just about as good as any of 'em ever.  Maniscalco's combination of material, delivery and physicality is unusual in the Xtreme, and he's hilarious.  Like really hilarious.  I have no dog in this fight; I just think I've got a tiger by the tail here.  We're about to see him live this coming week, and I think we may be about to witness a true star right before his arrival on the mainstream stage.  Fun stuff.

Hey, every now and then, I really am right about something.  For example, I was right when I suggested early on that Argo was heading for an Oscar, and there are those who actually remember that I said that Guns N' Roses would take the world by storm, about a month or so before the band exploded onto the scene. Also, going back to my very first post, I don't think you can say that I was late to the dance when it comes to Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight.

On the other hand, like my fiduciary prediction, my Oscar "sweep" prediction for La La Land may be in a bit of jeopardy, given that last night's SAG award did not go in the direction of that other Sebastian, the one played by Ryan Gosling.  Look, if I really knew what I was doing, I would have placed a trifecta bet last year on the Cubs, the Cavs and Trump, and then I wouldn't have had to go back to work again.  Oh, well, back to work.

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