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Monday, June 13, 2016

ERISA and . . . John Oliver?!? - Leaving Obama in the Dust

As I noted in a prior post, none other than the venerable Jon Stewart on The Daily Show highlighted ERISA when he discussed the funding rules applicable to pension plans.  Now, his acolyte, John Oliver (who is, remarkably, dangerously close to surpassing his mentor), has done a closing segment on retirement plans on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, covering a wide array of arcane ("404a-5" was actually prominently displayed on the screen!) and key seminal concepts, and even reaching to the new fiduciary "investment advice" regulation.  I've previously noted the mainstream impact of the new fiduciary rule, with amazement that an ERISA defined term had become the centerpiece of a policy speech by the President himself.  Now, we get John Oliver!!  Heck, who needs Obama?!?  ERISA be cooooooooooooooooool.  That's all (for now), Folks . . .

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