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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Archer, Part III: SEPs in a Cartoon - What's Next, the President Talking About ERISA?!?

Well, we have another season of FX's Archer coming up soon, and so it becomes incumbent upon me to pay (or re-pay) ERISA-centric homage to the show.  After my initial Archer post regarding cafeteria plans (!), I followed up with an Archer stock-drop/401(k) (!!!) post.  Going back to the well one more time (for now), and again with a nod to Mike S.'s unparalleled research skills, here's a little ditty from Season Two:

Archer to hooker (claiming to have had his baby):   I guess I skipped the Emily Post chapter about how to introduce your mother to a hooker!

Hooker:  Escort! . . .  And I'm retired.

Archer:  Yeah? Your 401(k) doing that well?

Hooker:  I have a SEP, smarta**!

SEPs have made it into the world of animated television?!?  Geez, that seems just about as likely as the President of the United States making an ERISA defined term into the centerpiece of a major presidential policy speech.  Oh, yeah, that's right - that happened, too.  See Pres. Obama's 2/15 speech to the AARP (relating to the oh-so-sexy "investment advice" definition under the ever-so-exciting "fiduciary" rules); cf. my post on Justice Souter's retirement (relating to another example of ERISA's impact on high-level governmental institutions).

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