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Monday, December 10, 2012

Employment Contracts and . . . Homeland?

A quickie from yesterday's (12/9's) Emmy-winning Homeland.* As Mandy Patinken's Sol is about to be questioned, he's hooked up to a polygraph by "Larry." Sol's unhappy about it, and Larry says: "Sol, we all agreed to this. Section seventeen dot three** of your employment contract."

Sol has a good, ol' fashioned employment contract, and it's worthy of an on-air mention! Woo hoo.

And - Happy Holidays.

* I'm still a Breaking Bad guy, but I get it. I guess there can be room for more than one show on television.

** I do have one question.  In this Internet age, do we now refer to "17.3" as "seventeen dot three"? Show us the way, Homeland.

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xtremErisa - said...

And, while we're on the topic of Showtime shows, I want to go on record with my Dexter theory:

Debra wants Hannah gone.  Debra poisons herself just enough to cause an accident and injure, but not maim or kill, herself.  Dexter, having given Hannah up, has become the tool of Hannah's elimination.  

Probably wrong (indeed, I couldn't have been more wrong about the Lost finale, just like I couldn't have been more wrong about what the Supreme Court was to wind up doing in the Kennedy and Amara cases), but - what the heck.