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Friday, May 10, 2024

Time to Start Crying? - a Big Baby Goes to Jail for Messing with an ERISA Plan

A prior post chronicled the DOL's successful pursuit of ERISA plan-assets claims against the one-time dog-focused Michael Vick (who got quite the interesting shout-out from Jeff Ross during Netflix's Tom Brady roast).  Now we have reports that Glen "Big Baby" Davis has received a jail sentence (to join such luminaries as Terrance Williams, Sebastian Telfair and Will Bynum), with a sentence of over three years, for apparent involvement with a $5 million scheme to defraud the NBA's health plan.  And we ain't just talkin' ERISA Jail here.  Maybe, to turn the directive from Mr. Davis' youth-league coach on its head, it's now indeed time to: start crying, you big baby.

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