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Saturday, December 3, 2022

Tim Conway's 35-Year-Old Orphan as . . . Independent Fiduciary?!?

So I was trolling the internet and I came upon Tim Conway as the 35 year-old orphan.  I think in the annals of television Tim Conway's (brazen) efforts to crack up Harvey Norman and the rest of the Carol Burnett* cast rank as some of the best comedy television in the history of television.  See, e.g., the dentist skit and, the best of all, the bit about the Siamese elephants.**  For my money, three of the best physical comics ever are Conway, Chris Farley (e.g., Chippendales,*** (Bob Odenkirk's****) Matt Foley and Michael Richards (e.g., the washing machine).

And who knew that one of the characters in Mr. Conway's stable was ahead of his time in being ready to take on ERISA responsibilities.  The following is from the mouth of his 35-year-old orphan:

Conway's Leon (advocating for his desirability as an adoptee) - "I know a lot of grown-up words, like 'title search' and 'fiduciary'".

I'll tell ya, I'd have hired the guy as my independent fiduciary any time!  I need a good laugh as I watch these transactions slogging through to completion (or failure)!!

* I hope y'all saw her in Better Call Saul.  She somehow stopped being Carol Burnett and became Jeff-y's mom - no easy task for such an icon.  Phenomenal.  

** I've just learned (the value of trolling the internet and being sucked down the rabbit hole) that the version with the Siamese elephants was NOT the version that actually aired.  Wow - amazing. 

*** I believe this is another one where the version that's out there in most archives is again not the one that actually aired.

**** Yet another Saul reference!

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