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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Breaking Bad, Breaking Legs, Breaking HR Rules, Breaking My Heart (just a bit)

So a central part of my life over more than a decade is about to end.  On Monday, we get the last episode of Better Call Saul.  The Breaking Bad universe has given us historically incredible television, and I await Monday with a strange combination of anticipation and dread.  What will the ensuing weeks look like after I have nothing more from Vince G.?!?

After catching up on some of the key BB episodes just to get us more in sync with the history of it all as we're about to head into the <sigh> finale, we were re-watching El Camino.  Aside from its being far better than I had recalled, it has, it turns out, an ERISA-type reference at a critical juncture.  

[SPOILER ALERT (for Breaking Bad and El Camino)]  It happens during a call-back to the BB arc during which Aaron Paul's Jesse's in the Nazis' "kitchen" (shall we say), and there's a need to reinforce certain aspects of the metal track thereover.  After a bet is made as to the strength of the existing track, Jesse's made to run back and forth to test the dependability of the track, leading to the following exchange after Jessie falls over:

Kevin Rankin's Kenny - Alright, c'mon; get up.  I got 50 bucks riding on you.  I gotta eat this month. 

Jesse Plemons' Todd (maybe one of the greatest ancillary characters in the history of entertainment, if you ask me) - Kenny, if he breaks his leg, he's not gonna be able to cook.  

Kenny - What are you, the f***ing HR department?  Jesus, Toddy, relax.

Human Resources makes it into the BB universe.  Close enough to ERISA for me, as we count it down to the end (at least for now) of this incredible ride that Vince has bestowed upon us.  Enjoy Monday . . . 

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