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Monday, November 29, 2021

Maxwell's Not So Smart

As we head into the Ghislaine Maxwell trial (it certainly has been quite the trials arc we're in), let us not forget the connection (in addition to that little Epstein connection) to pension fraud.

Ghislaine's beloved father, Robert, ran such enterprises as Macmillan Publishers, the Daily Mirror and the New York Daily News. After taking on large amounts of debt and experiencing a series of failures, he took to moving money around, and proceeded to loot £460m from the Mirror Group pension funds, resulting in huge reductions in pension payments. 

He eventually was reported missing from his yacht in 1991, and his body was discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. Maybe an accident; maybe a suicide (sound a little familiar?). His sons eventually declared bankruptcy but were acquitted of wrongdoing. Various other rollicking family hijinks are the subject of a report here. Quite the ol' Silver Hammer for the Maxwell clan!

And now, the Ghislaine trial. As with so many things - yes, you guessed it - it all (sorta) started in the pension world. 

Enjoy the trial!

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