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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Nobody Can Beat a 401(k) for the Russian Mob (except maybe Bob Odenkirk)!

[originally posted 4/15/21 - typographical error later corrected]

OK, so I go to “Nobody” (that’s right: f COVID, now that I'm double-vaccinated) and, as a Saul (and Breaking Bad, before (after?) that) fan, and with a tip of the hat to Matt Foley, I’m already all in before it starts.  All Odenkirk all the time would be fine with me.  

Then it starts.  It’s awesome out of the gate.  And I’m thinking, “How can this get any better?” 

Until I get to the line (and I will give you no background here, so there’s no need for a spoiler alert): “Think of it like the 401(k) of the Russian mob.”  It truly can get no better for this ERISA lawyer.  And, I'm here to tell you, it's all uphill from there!  Think John Wick, but with a plot.   

Hey – ‘Ts All Good, Man!!*  I will now go back to pining away for way-too-delayed Season 6 . . . 

* I hope you know that that’s how Jimmy got his name.

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