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Sunday, April 18, 2021

From CIGNA v. Amara to . . . Leo Moracchioli?!?

Some things confuse me.  Like how I and the rest of the world (the DOL excluded) could've missed CIGNA v. Amara's eventual surcharge solution as the silver bullet to address ERISA's theretofore mission-critical missing-remedy conundrum.  Too late for Mrs. Amschwand, but still better late than never, eh? 

Then there's - how it can be that Leo Moracchioli is not recognized by the world at large as a, if not the, top rocker on the scene today?  I mean, I know his thing is covers rather than originals (more on this in a moment), but there are big-time artists all over the place who don't write their own stuff.  And, while I know the turn of phrase is hackneyed, the extent to which he makes other people's stuff "his own" is a thing to behold.  His talent level on multiple instruments (every freakin' instrument?) is utterly stratospheric (a trait echoed by certain other members of his Frog Leap band (when he deigns to play with others)). 

(OK, OK, I know the Amara/Leo connection is tenuous or maybe even altogether nonexistent, but (i) as I've said, the case is my favorite case and so I'll mention it whenever I get the chance, and (ii) I was going to find a way to talk about Leo no matter what.)

Just for starters, check out Zombie, Africa, Sultans of Swing, What's Up, the Pok[é]mon Theme (yes, that's right; trust me), House of the Rising Sun, Kiss (need to find that one on Facebook for some reason), Thriller, WAP (but be VERY careful with this one and do not not click if you're sensitive or if you have any reasonable sensibilities at all), Tragedy (for you Korn fans) and Hello, to name several from this seemingly endless wellspring.  Heck, I don't even like some of these songs, and yet here they're just phenomenal.  And, by the way, for those haters who are really dug in on the covers/originals thing, check out the Africa outro, an original that might be one of the finest instrumentals you'll ever hear.  (While we're at it, for anyone who's interested, another crazy-good cover team is Sershen & Zarítskaya.)

One disclaimer/warning - once you go down this treacherous path, prepare to give up the rest of your day, as the Leo rabbit hole pretty much has no bottom. 

Rock on . . . 

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