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Monday, January 18, 2021

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers Are . . . Diversified 401(k)s?!?

I had to laugh while reading the yahoo!sports commentary on the wins by the Bucs and Packers that have set up a truly epic Conference Championship battle between Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers.

The set-up for the piece is:

Somewhere behind that collective Champagne pop for the next generation, Tom Brady emerged as the aging “all-in” gamble of a hapless Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise.  And further north, Aaron Rodgers absorbed the Green Bay Packers spending a first-round draft pick on a player who is being groomed to eventually take his job.  On Sunday [January 24, 2021], Brady or Rodgers is going to advance from the NFC title game with a shot to break up an NFL party that seems to be trying hard to rage on without them.  Regardless of whether the AFC title game produces the Kansas City Chiefs and Mahomes or the Buffalo Bills and Allen, the quarterback storyline is set.

Super (if you'll forgive me) exciting.  For me, the Tom Brady storyline is particularly captivating.  But whatever your affiliation, there's a truly human element here.  43 (43!) today is just simply not what 43 was yesterday.  Even Brees is over 40, and that barely even got noticed because of Brady.  (A hilarious take on this can be found with the Blanda/Brady comparison found here.)

So why this post on this site?  Well, after the piece's set-up, there's the following passage:

It’s then versus now, with Brady or Rodgers representing the final gasps of a golden era, and Mahomes or Allen repping a budding era of “everything” quarterbacks.

Youth against wisdom.

Porsche 911s against diversified 401ks.

Decades of big-game experience against big bodies, bigger arms and crazy off-script plays.

So Brady and Rodgers are "diversified 401ks"!  I had no idea that a core element of my practice area is so coooooooool.  Thanks for that, Mr. Robinson!  (And I'll try to forgive you the unfortunate reference to the Porsche 911 as opposed to the far preferable reference to the much more desirable Chevrolet Corvette.)

This is turning into quite the postseason - enjoy the upcoming games!  

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