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Friday, November 27, 2020

Bruce Willis Promotes Retirement Savings

So what is it with Bruce Willis, maybe my all-time fave? In Live Free or Die Hard, he battles Timothy Olyphant's* Thomas Gabriel in order to stop the theft from millions of 401(k) accounts. 

Now in Hard Kill, we get the following exchange:

Texas Battle's** Nick Fox - Oh, man, Maggie wanted me out of the game while I still had all my limbs. 

Jesse Metcalfe's Derrick Miller - Wives. 

Fox - Yeah, tell me about it. She made me sell my soul for a fancy [pause] 401(k).

[SPOILER ALERT - the following may give away key elements of the movie; read no further if you may see it but thus far haven't] 

So then later, after our heros survive, we get a bit more of a welfare/pension employee-benefits vibe: 

Miller - You OK?
 . . . 

Natalie Eva Marie's Sasha Zindel - [F] you.  I've got a helluva workman's comp. claim.

Fox - So what now? 

Miller - Retirement sounds pretty [f]ing good right about now. 

Now Bruce's got me waiting for "Die 401(k)ill". I'll be patient.

* I hope y'all got to see his awesome self-effacing turn in The Good Place (which, just to say it, might have the cleverest writing in the history of television). 

** I'll take it on faith that Texas Battle is not named for the California v. Texas kerfuffle surrounding Obamacare.

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