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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Slayer, Part II - The Karavas File

I've previously commented on (what I think are interesting) developments regarding so-called "slayer" statutes and the effect they may have on a murderer's ability to collect insurance or other benefits on account of the death of the victim.  (Indeed, at least one commentator found my take on the matter interesting, as well - see "When Do State Laws Determine ERISA Plan Benefit Rights?" 47 John Marshall L. Rev. 145, 392 n.1434 (2013) (a 250-pager!!).)

Well, I was sitting at the September 2019 filming of a Carie Karavas stand-up show (you can see it on Crackle), at the urging of Sal (the Turtle) Governale.  Along the way, Ms. Karavos starts talking about the possible demise of her husband at her hands (or, more accurately, her legs), and, after a pause, asks, "Do I still get the pension?"

You just never know when you're going to be treated to an ERISA reference, do you?  You just gotta keep your eyes, and ears (and legs?!?), open!

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