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Saturday, April 14, 2018

ERISA (with a Public Flavor) Comes to Gotham?

Employee-benefits legislation tends to be reactive to problems, rather than being crafted in a vacuum.  The remedial nature of the effort often results in a comprehensive and complex regime.  For example, the fiduciary provisions of ERISA were enacted at least in part in response to Teamster abuses regarding the union's benefit plans.  Much of Jimmy Hoffa's shenanigans involved the Teamster plans - can you say "Meadowlands end zone"? 

Well, clearly our skills need to be brought to bear to help Gotham through some recent crises.  To wit, when Peter McRobbie's Mayor Holden Pritchard was trying to extricate himself from some problems he was having with Cameron Monaghan's Joker (Jerome Valeska) (doing a pretty decent job of channeling the unmatchable Heath Ledger, by the way), he quickly offered up, "I have access to the police pension fund."  Time to bring to Gotham long-time efforts to port ERISA over to the world of public plans, no?

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