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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Severance Benefits Come to . . . Black Mirror?!?

[NOTE - Black Mirror SPOILER ALERT below]

It seems as though everyone is levering off of employment terminations and severance as plot devices.  A recent post cited to two recent examples, one from Billboards/Ebbing and one from Bright.  Here [SPOILER ALERT] is one from the season finale of Season 4 of the truly amazing and indeed arguably incomparable Black Mirror:

Douglas Hodge's Rolo Haynes - "Human rights for cookies. . . .*  Anyhow, ACLU raised one heck of a stink‎.  And so thanks to this son of a monkey** I was out on my a-- with TCKR.***  Not even a severance package.  That's why I started this place.****"

Someone's gotta keep watching out for these things, so I guess I'll just have to be the one who keeps doing so. 

* Now THERE's a concept!

** If you want to get the "monkey" reference you'll have to watch the show.

*** That was a former employer of Rolo.

**** A reference to Rolo's museum.  Again, watch the episode.

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