Sunday, October 15, 2017

Harvey Weinstein - in His Own Words (or, More Accurately, Movie Titles)

Well, it looks like Mr. Weinstein has been "Derailed". This should be a pretty "Black Christmas" for him. Whatever you do, if you've got a daughter, don't leave ol' Harvey "Alone with Her"‎. It's like they ran a real "School for Scoundrels" over there. Seems like there was "No Escape" from that "Hell Ride". What a "Bully"! Didn't I hear Bob Weinstein referring to his beloved sibling as "Our Idiot Brother". Harvey is after all, at this point, the "Black Sheep"‎. Or maybe simply "The Nut Job" in the family. Surely, now, at least, one of the "Inglorious Basterds". Who woulda thought that in the end this movie titan would turn out to be just another "Nowhere Boy".

So I guess there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Or, somehow, does Harvey (or as Jackie Gleason might have said, har-VAY) wind up somehow getting a partial win here? There are reports that he may challenge his termination under his employment contract, and look for potentially large severance payments. On this point, query whether, in a rush to get this done, they jumped through all the right hoops so as to have successfully effected a termination for cause. Of course, even if a claim here might have some legs, query whether there will even be a company around to foot the bill for any severance that might in theory be payable. Maybe Harvey wins, and gets nothing anyway? Can you say, "Pyrrhic victory"?

I would suggest summing the whole thing up with a single word: wow.

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