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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Retirement Planning vs. Playing ‎Monopoly, the SNL Way

On Saturday Night Live's Black Jeopardy!, from last night:

Shasheer Zamata's Keeley - OK let's stay with, "You Better", for $400.

Kenan Thompson's Darnell Hayes - OK.  And the answer: "Your job wants to take ‎$40 a month out of your check for a 401k."

Leslie Jones' Shanice - What is, "You better give me that money so I can buy me some scratch-offs"?

Darnell - Yeah, you d*mn . . . you d*mn right.  I mean, why do I need a retirement plan when I got Monopoly Millionaires' Club?

Tom Hanks' Doug - [Hey] [inaudible] . . . Hey, I play that every week.

Darnell - Well, that's good for you.

I know that many of you are only watching the debate footage, but SOMEone's got to watch out for the ERISA stuff!

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