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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Rangers Defeat Mets in the World Series of ERISA

Recently, I did a post on the Mets' foray into ERISA-related patheticness via the Wilpons' involvement in the Madoff patheticness, to accompany (and maybe hasten) the Mets' on-field patheticness. Now there are two teams in the ERISA World Series, with the Rangers entering the ERISA fray.

The Rangers have become the most recent team, in connection with its own financial difficulties, to seek and (pursuant to a notice published in the Federal Register today) obtain a waiver from the 4204(a)(1)(B) escrow requirements under the multiemployer-plan rules. It looks like the post-Mets Nolan Ryan wins again, with the Rangers getting the ERISA waiver, while the Mets' Madoff fate remains completely unresolved. And, of course, on the field the Rangers are on an upswing notwithstanding their financial difficulties, while the Mets will be lucky to finish in the upper division for who knows how long.

But, after all, it's not really a fair fight - the Mets are a big-market team with big advantage and the Rangers are . . . . No, wait, I mean . . . . Oh, never mind! . . .*

We'll see how the Madoff thing goes. And, as to that baseball thing, wait 'til next century, fellow Mets fans!

* My dear friend Steve R. points me to a Manhattan Mini Storage subway advertisement, apparently placed by a fellow long-suffering Mets fan (according to a NY Times blog identified to me by another dear friend Alan W.), which says, "Why leave a city that has six professional sports teams and the Mets?" It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry.

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