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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Perfect (or Imperfect) Games and Retroactive Correction

So with all of the recent work with 409A, Notices 2008-113 and 2010-6, and retroactive correction, including such backwards-looking notions such as rescission and other general principles, I now wonder* if the following presents a solution to the latest affront to history -

Open letter to: MLB (Major League Baseball)

cc: Armando Galarraga, Gov. Jennifer Granholm,** James (Jim) Joyce

Problem solved: Effective as of June 2, 2010, and for the duration of the 2010 season, any team may through the use of instant replay challenge a play (but in no event balls and strikes [add any other applicable exclusions]) that would, if reversed, be the last play of the game, with the standard for reversal being the that which applies in respect of replay challenges relating to home runs; provided that the appeal must be logged before the next pitch is thrown or, if later, on the date on which this rule is adopted.

* I'm getting flashbacks, having watched, live, Tom Terrific's (Seaver's, for people too young) imperfect game.

** Her declaration that there was indeed a perfect game is très cool, but I respectfully submit that the fix proposed herein is more comprehensive.

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