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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yo Adrian, ERISAns Win!

Well, here's a quickie -

In Rocky II,* Adrian, after coming out of her coma, implored Rocky simply to "‪Win. . . . Win!" Well, we won. Not even Supreme Court justices are safe. The following is from an article in The Wall Street Journal on May 1, 2009, discussing possible bases for Justice Souter's impending retirement:

Justice Souter has complained about life in Washington and even about aspects of the court's work, such as the numbingly technical cases involving applications of pension or benefits law.**

As Stan Lee would say - 'Nuff said!

* I actually prefer Rocky II to Rocky, although I recognize how creative, groundbreaking and generally great Rocky is. I also think Lethal Weapon II is far superior to the original, and I'm probably the only one who likes Indy III, II and I in that order. See also T. Parker and M. Stone, South Park, "The China Problem" (Oct. 8, 2008) (chronicling the rape of Indy effected by IV). On the other hand, even though they're both OK, T2's no Terminator and Aliens is (are?!) no Alien. But, then again, what do I know? - I don't like Godfather II. (I don't like Godfather III either, but, thx to Coppola's eventually successful daughter, no one seems to like that one.)

** Thanks to Andy G. for this. In addition, Nell H. recalls reports early in Souter's tenure that, as the New Kid on the Block, he had been assigned the "dreaded ERISA" cases. (Before you object to the New Kids reference, the group gave us Marky Mark Wahlberg by way of Donnie. Mark's not all bad (c'mon, despite having conspired with Tim Burton somehow to tarnish Planet of the Apes, Mark does have an Oscar nomination), and even Donnie gave us a key star turn in The Sixth Sense.) But see my prior post wondering whether we have entered a Disney-like Golden Age of ERISA litigation.

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