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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Actual Convergence of ERISA and Pop Culture Via Denny McLain; and a Michael Vick Postscript

The Denny McLain ERISA Saga

Here's Vol. III in the saga of the sometimes self-writing nature of this blog. Usually, the trek from ERISA to Pop Culture, and back again, is, to put it gently, a bit . . . strained. Every now and then, though, the real world provides its own natural connection. Previously on this blog, there was a post on the Department of Labor's pursuit of Michael Vick for ERISA violations, and a post on the sad ERISA-based story of The J. Geils Band. I am now reminded by the great (and quite wry) Mike M. that Denny McLain, the last 30-game winner in Major League Baseball, and someone who research reveals actually performed on The Ed Sullivan Show as a musician (with Bob Gibson!), went to jail for pension fraud (and all-around money laundering). See generally Wayne Coffey's NY Daily News story (Apr. 5, 2008). Ya just can't make this stuff up.

A Michael Vick Postcript

Further to my above-referenced post on Michael Vick's ERISA prosecution, that sly dog (no pun intended, but it works) Waldan L. has alerted me to a picture located at http:// blog/ uploaded_images/ michael. vick. giving. finger- 744500. jpg, which Wally describes as reflecting Vick's novel defense to the ERISA allegations. ROTFLOL!!! (The picture available at the link set forth above is not the picture of Vick flipping off the fans; I think the picture for which the link is set out above is MUCH funnier than the one involving the fans.)

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